I'm really fucking good at getting stuff done.

I've spent my entire professional life iterating on my system and finding the strategies and tools that work best for me.

These days, I experience the most joy when helping others refine and tweak their systems into something that works for them. I've found out that I'm pretty darn good at that, too!

Don't take my word for it, though —


    Stephen changed my life. I never had even a simple todo list. Now I have a reliable GTD system and it’s been working great over the past 1.5 yrs

    Matt McClureMatt McClure

    A session with Stephen Dolan was easily the single most transformative thing I've done related to my task habits.

    @r00k (Ben Orenstein)@r00k (Ben Orenstein)

    I particularly recommend talking to Stephen if you manage people. He's got lots of advice for managing the trickiness of delegation, 1:1s, agendas, etc.

    @adamlogic (Adam McCrea)@adamlogic (Adam McCrea)

    I just can't overstate the value of one-on-one coaching from an expert. I spent more for one hour than many full courses cost. But that's the point—I got more value from personalized coaching, and I only spent an hour of my time. Easy trade-off.

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