Want to copy my setup?

I keep my setup lean, but there are a few shareable components of my setup that I like to make available to the internet!

Omnifocus Perspectives

Next Actions

A customized next actions list that omits agenda items and other non-actionable tasks, showing you just the tactical things you can actually accomplish during focused work.


When someone asks you 'Anything else you need from me?' in a meeting, now you can check a single perspective and feel confident in your answer.

Projects without Actions

A perspective that shows you projects in your system with no next action.

Project Templates

Weekly Review

The full process I go through each week to keep my systems sharp and ready for anything.

Keyboard Maestro Macros

Linear → OmniFocus Task

Create an OmniFocus task with an auto-filled task title and link to the Linear issue (or page) in the notes.